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messer cutting systems
Automatic Plasma Cutting Machine
OmniMat Combo

Many users have to decide whether Plasma or Laser cutting is better. Each process has its own advantages. Messer OmniMat Combo supports both cutting process.   

With Messer OmniMat Combo, parts may be processed with either Plasma or Fiber Laser or in combination when a specific portion of a part requires laser quality. Nevertheless the majority can be cut with Plasma for best throughput and lowest operating cost.

  • More productivity
  • More reliability
  • More versatile
  • Easier to use
  • Low operating cost
  • Economical entry into the world of laser & plasma combo cutting
  • Higher total efficiency of the fiber laser of approximately 30% (CO2 laser: approx. 10%)
MultiTherm eco

Due to a high level of automation, easy set-up and user friendliness this machine produces quality components - quickly and efficiently.  The symmetric wheel-housings and parking space for unused heads optimize the working width but keep space requirements reasonable.  The combination of oxyfuel and plasma cutting processes cover all commonly occurring materials and tasks.

  • Working Widths up to 6 m
  • Rapid Speed up to 12M/Min reduces time between cuts
  • Cutting Speeds up to 12 m/min
  • Working lengths up to 38 m
  • Cutting processes: Oxyfuel, Dry Plasma
  • Marking Processes:  Punch marker, powder marking and single nozzle Ink-jet
  • Productive, compact
  • User friendly CNC control for fast set up
  • Synchronized bilateral longitudinal drives for good acceleration
  • Automatic setting of all gas flows for oxy-fuel (Omniflow) and plasma
  • Reliable automatic height sensing
  • Symmetric wheel-housing for max. usable width
  • Parking space for unused torches over the wheelhousing increases effective cutting width
  • Length of wheel-housing gives maximum stability with minimum dead length
  • Electrical cabinet positioned over the wheel-housing so it is not exposed to thermal radiation
  • from the cut plate increases lifetime
  • Electrical cabinet accessible from the side simplifies maintenance and service
Professional cutting at an affordable price

With the most modern fiber laser, the unit is at right up to date: the Laser is characterized by a robust and long life design. No adjustment is necessary right up to the cross carriage and the emitter diodes in the laser have an average lifetime of over 50,000 hours. The laser beam is carried in an optical fiber cable through the drag chain to the cutting head, so no beam path purging gas is required.

Because of the high efficiency of the laser and the low gas consumption in total, the cutting costs on the machine are kept very low.

The machine concept of the Fiberblade is based on the tried and tested construction of a flat bed cutting machine with integrated shuttle table and a 2 axis cutting gantry. The fiber cable from the Laser resonator simply joins the other cables in the energy drag chain. To change the plates, the cutting table is moved into the changeover area with no additional drive using the cutting gantry motor.

The cutting area is 4m x 2m. Operating safety during laser cutting is ensured by a complete metal housing. Two cameras enable monitoring of the cutting process.   The Fiber Laser works 3 times more efficient than a CO2 Laser.

Thanks to its special design, the Fiberblade consumes comparatively low energy. It cutting power of 1.200 Watt is comparable to the cutting capacity of a 2.000 Watt CO2 Laser. Additionally the efficiency of the Fiberblade lasers is, at 30 % about 3 times higher than a conventional CO2 Laser.

It stands for low maintenance costs and long operating life. Fiber lasers work with continuous glass fibers with no deflecting mirrors and gas purging. More than that, there are no moving parts in the laser resonator itself and the operating life of the emitter diodes is over 50.000 hours.

All this results in extremely low maintenance and service costs.  Guided by the Global Control, the Fiberblade is thus extremely user friendly and economical. Fiberblade is a highly efficient and energy saving fiber laser. As it contains no moving parts and the emitter diodes have a very long lifetime, the maintenance costs are very low. Because the beam is guided through a glass fiber, expensive adjustment work is also no longer necessary. The machine thus meets all expectations for simple operation, low costs and high reliability. The Fiberblade with the technology of the fiber laser fulfills all expectations on easy handling, low costs and high reliability.

  • Cutting system with fiber laser
  • Low adjustment and maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption, low running costs
  • Laser class 1 because of housing
  • Extremely simple
  • Magnetic holder to protect the cutting head
  • Multiple cameras for monitoring the machine and process on screen
  • High efficiency, highest reliability, low maintenance costs
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